Branding 101: Guide to Creating a Brand

What do you think of first if I say shoes? Or cereal? Or a your ever reliable computer or laptop? Each of these products are immediately connected to a memory or even more specifically, a brand. As consumers, we are bombarded with multiple buying options and we find ourselves reaching out to brands we know and loved more often than not. Why? Because it’s reliable and there is almost an affinity to certain brands/products/services/personalities we have used and seen over time. They have a personable quality to them that seems nostalgic and even comfortable. How about new brands? They could be hip, innovative, creative and exciting. So informed consumers like you and I are willing to try them out.

This is the strength of a well thought-out, positioned brand: it is a foundation that a business could be built and expanded on. It is the heart and the soul or your physical product or service. It is the promise to your clients and/or customers. It is what sets your business apart from a similar service and product that is out in the market. So, how do we create memorable, trustworthy brands that stands for something? Here are some of my thoughts about brand building.

Your brand is more than just its logo;

Visual brand representation is just the tip of the iceberg. Colors, fonts, layouts and the ever representative logo must adhere to the mission, values and the position of your brand. It should be a reflection of what your business/brand stands for. Let’s use Tsunagari’s logo and concept as an example.


Tsunagari means connection in Japanese. Connection is represented through the three braided vine. The vine is also representative of growth: we are here to to help you and your company grow through our services.

Ask the intense questions (and have answers to them);

So how do you figure out that big chunk under that iceberg? Before I go through design and branding with clients, I ask them some big questions:

What is your brand story/narrative?

What does your brand stand for?

What is your brand’s values?

What emotions and ideas would you want attached to your brand?

Who is your ideal customer?

What are your service and your products?

How can it improve/help/etc. the lives of your customers/audience?

What is your position in your marketplace?

What allows your brand to compete against the other brands in the market?

If your brand had a personality, how would you describe it?

How will this brand look like in the next two years? Five years? Ten years?

The more well thought out and fleshed out your ideas and positioning of your brand, the more focused, consistent and appealing your brand will be.

Branding beyond the design;

The answers to the intense questions questions will also serve as a guideline when it comes to content creation, product/service development, future growth and so many other fundamental decisions. It must permeate every aspect of your company/business. For example, if your business prides itself as a eco-friendly and vegan restaurant, be intentional and diligent on thinking about what would that mean for your everyday business practices. Will you practice recycling and zero waste in the office? Will you source from fair-trade and organic vendors? This will build authenticity from within that ultimately will reflect on your brand’s stance in the outside.

It is also good to note that your brand grows in time, and because of that, answers to this questions may be added upon and changed (not too drastically).

Are you rebranding? Or creating a new brand? (How exciting!) Let us help you go through the process by creating the perfect visual representation of your brand. Click here for more information for Tsunagari’s branding services. If you’re still torn and want more help with foundation building for your brand, shoot us an e-mail or send us a message in Facebook or Instagram so we could help you brainstorm!

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